History and Previous Performances

Abington Wind Band was formed in 1975 to fill a gap in the Northampton Music Scene. Dr. Richard Coles recognised that while existing orchestras and bands catered either for accomplished musicians or for children, there was a growing number of adults taking up instruments who would enjoy playing in a band for “adult beginners.” Playing in an ensemble with musicians of a similar or better standard helps all players to develop.

Initially, rehearsals were held in Dr Coles’ dining room, which not only imposed restrictions on the size of the Band but also caused a certain amount of distress to his neighbours! Eventually, the opportunity arose to hire St Gregory’s Parish Hall on a regular basis and after a while we were offered the facilities of the Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust premises. The improved rehearsal venue also meant that the Band could welcome as guests more advanced musicians – especially from the County Youth Orchestras and Bands – and this has been of great benefit to the Band as a whole and to individual players in particular.

During the 1990s, conducting the band became very much a family affair, with both Monica (wife of Dick (Richard) Coles,) and then their daughter, Rachel, leading rehearsals, between them, with eventually Rachel taking over as Musical Director. Monica was the band president, until her recent death, and Rachel is now the deputy head of Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust.

The baton was handed over to Paul Egan, a local talented musician, teacher and instrument repairer,  from 1995 – 2002 until he moved out of the area.

From 2002 until August 2021  Phillip Burditt, an experienced musician, composer and arranger, was our Musical Director.

Paul and Phillip also jointly ran the weekend Wind Band courses held at Knuston Hall, which were originally established by Dick Coles for the benefit primarily of Abington Wind Band members. These were held biennially.

In September 2021 we were pleased to welcome our new MD, Christopher Music.

Abington Wind Band continues to give many concerts for charity around the county. Every summer Northampton Borough Council puts on a series of Bands in the Park concerts. We thoroughly enjoy our annual appearance on the bandstand in Abington Park.

Previous Performances

This section is gradually being compiled.

3rd July 2022, Abington Park Bandstand.
25th Jun 2022, Glamis Hall, Wellingborough.
2nd April 2022, Weston Favell Centre.

19th December 2021, All Saints Church, Brixworth. Carol Service.
18th December 2021, Richmond Retirement Village. Outdoor carols.
14th November 2021, Northampton Remembrance Day
12th September 2021, All Saints Church, Brixworth. Fete.
7th August 2021, Blakesley Show.
11th July 2021, Abington Park near the Bandstand. (Poppy’s retirement gig.)
19th December 2020, Richmond Retirement Village. Outdoor carols.
8th December 2019, Richmond Retirement Village, Carols.
7th July 2019, Maidford Village Hall.
7th October, 2018, Althorp House, Literary Festival.
July 2018, Abington Park Bandstand.
2018, Richmond Retirement Village, N’pton.
2018, All Saints Church, Brixworth. Fete.
11th March 2018, Mother’s Day Concert, NMPAT.
19 November 2017, Memorial Concert for Tim Armit, NMPAT.
11th September 2017, Harpole Scarecrow Festival.
July 2017, Abington Park Bandstand.
11th June 2017, St Andrew’s Church, Spratton. Open Gardens.
18th September 2016, Rockin’ Roadrunner Festival, Abington Park. 
July 2016, Abington Park Bandstand.
3rd July 2016, Nazereth House, Harlestone Rd, Northampton.
Dec 2015, Northampton RC Cathedral.
July 2015, Abington Park Bandstand.
2015, All Saints Church, Brixworth. Fete.
July 2014, Abington Park Bandstand.
June 2014, Holcot. Opening of new Village Hall..
21st July 2013, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 2012, Abington Park Bandstand.
2012 Holcot, Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.
July 2011, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 2010, Abington Park Bandstand.
6th June 2010, All Saints Church, Brixworth. Fete.
Dec 2009, Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, N’pton.
July 2009, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 2008, Abington Park Bandstand.
8th June 2008, All Saints Church, Brixworth. Fete.
July 2007, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 2006, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 2005, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 2004, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 2003, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 2002, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 2001, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 2000, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 1999, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 1998, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 1997, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 1996, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 1995, Abington Park Bandstand
July 1994, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 1993, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 1992, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 1991, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 1990, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 1989, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 1988, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 1987, Abington Park Bandstand.
July 1986, Abington Park Bandstand.
14th July 1985, Abington Park Bandstand.