Meet the Band

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Musical Director

Philip Burditt: I became Musical Director of the band in 2002, and AWB is still thriving, so I must have done some of it well enough. After 19 years, it’s another family for me, mostly well-behaved (bar some heckling from the front row from time to time), always fun to be with and always ready to buckle down to some serious practicing – next time. And deeply loved by me. Now I’m ready to pay my subscription and be in the band as Poppy, the bassoonist (or sax, keyboard or percussion if needed). Some players at the back will finally find out what I look like, now if not all those years ago.


Jude: I rediscovered my love of the flute in 2002, after 20 years off, when I joined AWB. And the past 19 years have been a riot of laughter at rehearsals, serious banter with my fave conductor, and some classic gigs on the bandstand. My only regret is that we haven’t yet tried out being a ukulele orchestra as well.
Chris A: Retired from work and moved to Northampton in 2015 and joined AWB in time to prepare for my first concert at Christmas. I enjoy the practices, the concerts and the people and long may I be able to carry on
Rachel C: Started playing the flute at primary school (and I’m still no better!). After a long hiatus I joined AWB in 2015 as 2nd flute and love the camaraderie and playing in concerts.
Lisa: I rejoined the AWB in 2017 after having lived away from Northamption for a while. I enjoy my Sunday night rehearsals with lovely people around me. It’s not just all work but lots of fun too.

Oboe and Cor Anglais

Amy: I play the oboe and the Cor Anglais. I’ve been in the band for 2 and a half years. This has been a great place for me to get back into playing regularly. Always friendly and supportive, the band plays a wide range of pieces to satisfy all tastes and levels. Our activities during lockdown – a whole band edit of “Bring Me Sunshine,” our “Sunday Night Proms,” (where we all shared music on a theme for the week) and also quizzes, were things I looked forward to during the long hard months.


Karen: I first joined the band as a nervous 3rd clarinet player. Wonderfully, AWB has been an oasis where players can flourish; I’ve had so much encouragement and no judgment over the years. I’ve taken the support and move up to the 1st clarinets on the front row. I joined the committee and then became members’ secretary in 2019. I’m blessed to be part of the AWB family and delighted to enjoy music with so many people along the way.

Åsa: I’m brand new to the band and a happy 3rd clarinet. I started to play in Sweden when I was 10. Last time I played in a band was in 1994 in Germany. Now the kids are grown up I thought it was time for a bit of focus on me again. So far I have thoroughly enjoyed it, everyone have been so nice and welcoming.

Judith: I have been a member of AWB for just over 5 years, starting playing 3rd clarinet with my Bb instrument,  but have subsequently during the last 3 years started playing bass clarinet with the band. I love it’s deep rich tones and along with the other bass instruments, like to think we are the “rhythmic and harmonic foundation of the band!”


Simon: I first joined AWB after many years of not playing an instrument and started the Alto sax as a member of the back row. When allowed, I also play tenor!
Sue: Started playing saxophone late in life never having played any instruments. I alternate between alto and tenor but am currently playing tenor. Still learning on the job…

Margaret: I was first invited to join this newly formed band when I was 17 and playing clarinet in another local band. I move around between alto sax, bari sax and clarinet but do love the sound of the baritone – especially when played by someone else!



Ian B:


French Horns


Sophie: I started playing a baritone (horn) when I was 9 after hearing a brass band play in a shopping centre. I fell in love with how they sounded and I’ve loved playing ever since! I started playing a euphonium about 5 years ago for a bigger and better range. I joined AWB in 2017 and I have loved meeting new people and playing in lots of new places.
Chris M: Started playing Euph a few years ago, spent the last 17 years in Gibraltar. Recently joined the band and looking forward to getting to know everyone and having fun.


Carl: I began playing the Trombone when I started secondary school at eleven and played in various groups, progressing through the county system. However, I took the difficult decision to stop playing in order to concentrate on my final year of A Levels and other than occasional private practice (much to the annoyance of the neighbours,) I hadn’t played regularly again until joining AWB. In 2016 I was encouraged to join AWB by another band member and have enjoyed every minute of it since, offering plenty of bum notes along the way! I currently enjoy the challenge of playing 1st Trombone.

Rosemary: 2nd Trombone player. Late starter:slow learner! However, returning to my alma mater in Kettering Road, and playing alongside the supportive and friendly crowd that is Abington Wind Band, is helping me to catch up.
Paul: I’m a mature beginner (very mature) and started to learn the trombone when I grew ever more fed up with looking at unplayed instruments after the children left home. Also, I very much missed going to their concerts and decided that there was only one thing for it, and that was to learn myself. I started with the AWB as seventh trombone, so there was always plenty of help and support available when I could only play what I could play. I’ve now switched to the bass trombone; as Pavarotti said when asked if he was afraid of the high notes, ‘Of course, what sane man is not!